same day dentures DFWMany edentulous patients don’t realize that they can fully restore their smiles in a single day, but it’s true. Same day dentures can help patients who have experienced tooth loss to smile with confidence once again within a short treatment time frame.

Same day dentures involve a denture that is supported by dental implants. Those implants offer a physical connection to the jaw, which a standard denture lacks.

Often, the specific treatment used by the oral surgeon is All-on-4 dental implants. With this technique, the oral surgeon inserts four dental implants toward the front of the jaw to support the entire prosthetic.

After an initial treatment planning process in which the surgery is outlined and the prosthetic arch crafted, which is often completed in a matter of weeks, patients return to the oral surgeon to have the dental implants placed and to be fitted with the prosthetic after the implants are in place. From start to finish, that appointment generally takes a number of hours.

Although bone loss can often preclude dental implant placement, the All-on-4 technique gives many more patients the opportunity to access implant-supported dentures. The precise location of implant placement maximizes the available bone by considering patterns of bone loss. That is, the bone wears away more slowly at the front of the jaw, because it is thicker in that area.

Same day dentures have a number of benefits in addition to the quick turnaround. The implants help to maintain the shape of the jaw, so the appliance will retain its fit more than a standard denture does. Additionally, same day dentures tend to be more effective at chewing.

If you are expecting to have an entire arch of teeth removed or have recently undergone extraction, consider same day dentures to restore your smile as soon as possible. Patients who want to upgrade from their conventional dentures can call EverSmile at 214-234-9143 to schedule an informative consultation.