By now, you have surely heard all of the murmuring and excitement surrounding the topic of dental implants. It only takes four dental implants to make your denture look and feel like a million bucks. The teeth stay in place, they don’t slip around when you speak, and you no longer have to depend on denture glue to make your teeth fit.

However, looks aren’t everything, and if the combination of implants and dentures isn’t durable and strong, then it wouldn’t be worth it, right? If connecting your denture to your jaw bone with just four little dental implants won’t get you back to eating your favorite steak or crunchy baby carrots, then it just wouldn’t be feasible, right? That’s correct. Fortunately, strength is one issue that you won’t be concerned about after your All-on-4 dentures are in place!

Thanks to the technology that integrates your jawbone, implants, and dentures, your new teeth will be stronger than the promises and claims of any denture adhesive. It’s a pretty ambitious claim, but it’s one that’s based on science, technology, and nature’s natural design. The structures that once held your real teeth in place are the same structures that can also add stability to your denture.

The fusion between your jawbone and the four implant posts is a realistic imitation of the fusion between the roots of real teeth and the bone. It is a permanent relationship that is only compromised by gum disease or an accidental injury, but not by firm meats or fresh vegetables and fruits. Even when the volume of the jawbone is minimal, the four implants can still be placed securely, generally without the need for additional bone grafting procedures. With a foundation as sturdy as this, you can count on your denture to stay put, day and night, while maintaining a consistent level of strength and integrity.

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