Dental Implants PlanoDental implants have truly revolutionized the art and science of tooth replacement. Under the appropriate circumstances, dental implants can dramatically improve your health as well as your quality of life.

Choosing dental implants in Dallas can provide you with a stable biting surface, improved esthetics and a level of comfort and security only surpassed by a natural tooth. The reasons for selecting dental implants continue to mount each year as more patients begin to explore their tooth replacement options.

  • Implants are incredibly conservative, taking up a minimal amount of space in the mouth. Typically about the size and shape of a natural tooth, implants are designed to feel and look natural and comfortable.
  • By becoming permanently anchored to the jaw bone, the implant can withstand the forces of biting and chewing without sliding or shifting out of place.
  • Dental implants do not anchor or attach to the neighboring teeth or rest on the gum tissue. This design feature eliminates the possibility of soft tissue irritation or damage to the adjacent teeth.

With all of the advantages of the dental implant procedure, the most important question becomes: Am I a candidate for dental implants? Your implant dentist is your best resource for answering this question. Fortunately, as implant dentistry advances, implants can be a possibility for almost every patient. The typical profile for a dental implant candidate includes those patients who are:

  • Missing at least one or more natural teeth
  • Strong enough to tolerate a surgical procedure
  • Dentally mature (jaw bone has stopped growing)
  • Existing medical conditions are well-controlled
  • Non-smokers
  • Free from dental conditions such as periodontal disease or bruxism
  • Unsatisfied with traditional dentures, partials, and bridges

A comprehensive examination with your implant dentist is critical for identifying any factors that could reduce your chances for a successful dental implant. Many of these factors can be addressed and/or eliminated, allowing you to enjoy the tooth replacement that is best for your health.

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