dental implant consultation DallasWhen you’ve lost a tooth or multiple teeth and are exploring treatment options, you are likely to encounter dental implants in your research. To learn whether dental implants are a viable option in your case, you should schedule a dental implant consultation with an oral surgeon.

At this dental implant consultation, the oral surgeon will evaluate various aspects of your situation that are relevant to dental implant placement. For example, the amount of quality bone material at the implant site is essential to long-term dental implant durability, so the surgeon will take x-rays of your jaw to determine whether any bone loss has occurred. If you have minimal available bone, a preliminary bone graft may be recommended in your case. This will supplement the bone and improve your chances of successful osseointegration.

In addition to examining your smile and taking x-rays, the oral surgeon will also collect information about your medical history, including any chronic conditions that you may have. This information will indicate whether you are healthy enough to tolerate the surgical procedure in which dental implants are placed.

The dental implant consultation also give you the opportunity to ask the questions that you have about this treatment to help you decide whether it’s right for you. You might have concerns about long-term maintenance of your dental implants or the period of recovery following the surgery or any number of other issues.

Some patients also have initial concerns about the cost of the dental implants, but we encourage you to talk to our office staff before dismissing this treatment solely for financial reasons. We will work diligently to maximize any applicable insurance benefits that you may have. We also accept a variety of payment forms and offer financing options to help you fit dental implants into your budget if you decide this is the best intervention for you.

Are you wondering if dental implants are the right choice for your tooth replacement treatment? Contact our team at EverSmile to schedule your initial evaluation.