When the time comes to choose an oral surgeon to oversee your dental implant treatment, you want to choose carefully and research the provider’s expertise and experience.

There are certain basic criteria that are required for someone to establish an oral surgery practice. Specialists in oral surgery must complete a post-graduate residency after graduating from dental school, during which they gain knowledge and hands-on experience in placing dental implants, along with other surgical procedure. This residency, which lasts at least four years, is centered in a hospital, with oral surgery residents working side-by-side with medical residents.

An oral surgeon’s learning experience doesn’t end when the formal education is complete, though. Continuing education is an important part of oral surgery training. Oral surgeons are required to accumulate a certain number of CE hours to maintain their licenses. These sessions can cover a wide variety of topics relevant to the profession.  [pullquote]Continuing education is an important part of oral surgery training.[/pullquote]

The dental implant seminar is an important tool to help the oral surgeon keep informed on the latest developments in dental implant technology. These devices have changed in many ways over the years. Manufacturers have introduced new shapes and surfaces that improve dental implant performance.

Because oral surgeons are required to maintain licenses, you can always check with the state licensing board to see if your surgeon’s license has been subjected to any disciplinary actions or suspensions.

Of course, you want an oral surgeon who is well-versed in the practice of placing dental implants in addition to classroom-based knowledge. How many years has the oral surgeon been performing this procedure? How many patients has he or she treated? Has he or she ever worked on a case similar to yours?

Do your homework when picking an oral surgeon for dental implants. Be sure to investigate the surgeon’s qualifications and education before making a commitment to the procedure. For more information and to schedule your informative consultation, contact our knowledgeable and dedicated team at EverSmile today.