partial dentures DFWRemovable partial dentures have limitations. Fortunately, retaining partial dentures with dental implants increases comfort, oral function, and one’s aesthetic. Dental implants serve as sturdy pillars for prosthetic teeth, thereby eliminating denture movement and promoting better oral function.

Our oral surgeon embeds dental implants to address the needs of patients who have lost teeth to disease and injury. Dental implants are long lasting, biocompatible prosthetics that hold partial dentures and restorations in place.

What are dental implants, exactly?

Dental implants are titanium components used to replace the surfaces of teeth below the gum line. Unlike other tooth replacement methods, dental implants draw on support from bone. This is because the bone will fuse to the titanium implant through a biological process called osseointegration. With bone anchoring the implant, it can support an array of restorations and prosthetics, including partial dentures.

How will implants improve oral function with dentures?

Implants improve oral function in two ways. First, they stabilize prosthetics such as full and partial dentures. Stabilizing these types of prosthetics means that people will not suffer with dentures moving during oral function or the need for messy adhesives. Secondly, dental implants help keep the structures beneath prosthetic and natural teeth healthy. They keep bone in the jaw stimulated, which lessens the likelihood of bone deterioration. Implants help keep neighboring teeth and restorations/prosthetics upright in healthy positions, too.

With dental implants holding prosthetic teeth, patients can enjoy a variety of foods, including difficult-to-chew items like steak.

How do I know if dental implants meet my needs?

The only way to be certain that dental implants meet your needs is to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeon. At your appointment, we will perform a physical examination and inquire about your health history and lifestyle to determine if this treatment option is right for you. Our mission is to improve your oral function with long-lasting and durable treatment protocols.

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