dentures DallasYour teeth weren’t meant to be glued to your gums. That’s what makes denture adhesive so frustrating. Although you may need additional stability for your dentures, the glues and adhesives that are available in the drugstore are barely capable of doing the job.

The fact is, the best way to replace missing teeth is by imitating nature. Our natural teeth are firmly anchored to the underlying jaw bone, and covered with gum tissue for a double layer of permanent support. When dentures and partials are made to sit on top of the gums, a great deal of that support structure is unfortunately lost.

Your implant dentist may recommend a series of dental implants to anchor your false teeth and eliminate the need for denture adhesive forever. The post of a dental implant is surgically inserted into the underlying bone and, in time, will become permanently fused to the bone. This relationship between the bone and the implant post represents the most ideal imitation of nature’s design for your teeth.

Once the post has properly fused to the bone, its position will never change. That stability creates a fantastic foundation for your false tooth, whether it is a single tooth, a group of teeth, or a complete denture. In fact, the implant post will actually prevent future bone loss in the surrounding area, ensuring long-term success for your smile.

Without an artificial tooth root to stimulate the bone, gradual resorption occurs, and your once comfortable denture will begin to slip, shift, and slide out of place. Chewing becomes increasingly difficult, and many patients find that their teeth begin to click together when chewing. Even during speaking, an unsecure denture can slide out of place, creating an embarrassing dilemma during social situations.

Your oral surgeon can place single or multiple dental implants that can connect to your existing denture or a new denture can be created to work together with your implants. Ultimately, you’ll notice a great improvement in the function and appearance of your false teeth, and you’ll never miss your denture adhesive at all!

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