dental implant consultation DFWWhen facing any dental procedure, it’s best to be informed so that you know what to expect from each step of the process. This is certainly true of dental implants.

The first step in this process is the dental implant consultation, in which the oral surgeon gathers clinical information about the patient’s case. At the very least, this will include a visual exam and x-rays, typically a panoramic x-ray that captures the entire smile at once. The oral surgeon will also ask about the patient’s medical and dental history.

The x-rays will show the patient’s bone structure, which is an important element of dental implant placement. Patients must have sufficient jawbone material to support osseointegration of the titanium implant. If too much jawbone has already been lost, patients will have to undergo a preliminary bone graft prior to dental implant placement.

The oral surgeon will use all of this information to develop a proposed treatment plan. If the patient wishes to move forward with dental implants, other methods, such as dental impressions, will be used to collect additional data.

This first visit gives patients and practitioners a good opportunity to establish realistic treatment goals based on the patient’s unique situation. The patient will also receive a cost estimate and can discuss financing options.

At the initial consultation, patients also can learn more about the benefits of dental implants, including durability, improved functionality, and attractiveness. The oral surgeon can also explain how dental implants work, along with any risks associated with dental implant placement.

This initial visit also gives patients an opportunity to ask the oral surgeon about any concerns about the procedure. Recommendations can be made about preparing for the surgery and what to expect afterward, too.

The initial dental implant consultation is an important part of the process. If you are considering dental implants in the DFW area, contact our team at EverSmile and schedule an appointment to learn more about what is involved.