dental implants DallasWhen a patient must replace a missing tooth, preserving a lifelike appearance with a prosthetic tooth is often a priority. While bridges and dentures sometimes fall short in this aspect, dental implants often come close to replicating a biological tooth (or teeth).

Dental implants are structurally quite similar to biological teeth, and this translates to a more natural appearance too. This is one of the many qualities of dental implants that patients find appealing.

After the oral surgeon inserts the dental implant into the jaw, the bone grows around the titanium implant and forms a bond with its surface. In this way, the implant serves as a replacement tooth root. Unlike a dental bridge, which requires support from crowns placed on adjacent teeth, a dental implant stands alone.

Dental implants may support a single prosthetic crown, a bridge or even a denture. The materials used to make these prosthetics have improved dramatically over the past several decades, and they come very close to mimicking a biological tooth.

The structural characteristics that allow dental implants to look more like natural teeth also help the implant to function more like a natural tooth. The root-like nature of the tooth helps it to preserve the integrity of the jaw, offering a level of stability that is unmatched by other tooth replacement appliances, which have no similar connection to the jaw.

Dental implants also are more effective at chewing than conventional dental bridges or dentures, and they have minimal impact on a patient’s speech. Most patients also report that it’s just as easy to care for their dental implants as it is for their natural teeth.

After suffering from tooth loss, you’ll likely want your replacement tooth to look as much like a natural tooth as possible, in addition to replacing the function of your missing tooth. Consider dental implants to help you achieve that goal, and schedule a consultation with one of our skilled oral surgeons at EverSmile to learn more about this treatment option.