On the popular TV Show “Top Docs of DFW,” Dr. John Wallace talks about the revolutionary procedure called All-On-4 Implants.
For patients who are missing a single tooth, the concept of implant dentistry is easy to understand. Replacing one tooth with one artificial tooth root and one crown sounds simple enough. But what does it take to replace all of the teeth?

Replacing each individual missing tooth with a separate tooth replacement could be a tremendous undertaking. The procedure would be extensive and costly. In fact, a procedure of that proportion would present enormous challenges. Is there enough bone to support the implants? As the patient, are you healthy enough to tolerate surgery? How long would it take to recover?

Still, if you are completely edentulous (missing all of the natural teeth), or you are unsatisfied with the performance of your traditional dentures, you deserve to enjoy the advantages that dental implants provide. That’s why Dr. Wallace and the EverSmile team recommends All-On-4 dentures in the Dallas, Plano, and the DFW area.

By harnessing the strength and durability of as few as four dental implants, it is possible to stabilize an entire upper or lower denture, even where bone loss has already occured. Using today’s most advanced implant-placement techniques, Dr. Wallace will ensure that the surgical portion of the procedure is minimally invasive. That means that there will be less trauma to the surrounding tissues and patients generally experience a faster recovery. In fact, most patients are able to eat and speak comfortably just hours after the implants have been placed.

All-On-4 Dentures have continued to surpass the success of traditional dentures in terms of comfort, stability, and esthetics. The presence of the dental implants is critical for the prevention of bone loss, which ultimately helps to preserve your youthful appearance. By preventing bone loss, implants also ensure that your replacement teeth will never feel loose or require denture glue for security.

Your new, permanent smile will ultimately have a positive impact on the quality of your life. You’ll enjoy the confidence of speaking and smiling with secure and attractive teeth, and you can eat the foods that you like with comfort and stability.

If you mistakenly believed that there is no hope for a brighter future with dentures, you’ll be excited to learn more about All-On-4 dentures. Contact our office today for a personalized discussion about how can you enjoy a beautifully strong smile in as little as a day.