Anyone who has ever lost a tooth can certainly understand the precious importance of a second chance. Our teeth just don’t grow back, and once extensive damage has occurred, the natural teeth just can’t be saved. The opportunity to restore your smile, as well as rebuild yourself self-confidence, is worth grabbing. For millions of patients, dental implants have provided that golden opportunity for a second chance.

The amazingly precise design of a dental implant is proof that it’s the most lifelike and effective alternative for tooth replacement. The procedure has forever changed the way we think about the lifespan of our smiles, and most patients can report high levels of satisfaction for decades after the initial placement of the implant.

When you invest your valuable time and financial resources into your smile, there is almost a natural instinct to treat it with special care. In the case of the dental implant, this rule easily applies. Although your implant is designed with durability and function in mind, it is certainly not indestructible. You’ll need to take some reasonable precautions in order to protect your teeth as well as your investment.

So, what should you do to keep your implants in peak condition?

  • Practice thorough and responsible oral hygiene. Although your implants are not susceptible to cavities, they are vulnerable to gum disease. Inflammation, plaque accumulation, and bone loss can undermine the integrity of your implant, eventually leading to failure.
  • Prevent trauma. Extreme forces from grinding the teeth or athletic contact can dislodge a dental implant just as though it were a natural tooth. A protective mouthpiece or nightguard is an easy way to prevent an injury.
  • Stay healthy. There are numerous health conditions which are known to contribute to tooth loss, and your implants are not excluded. Uncontrolled diabetes, cardiovascular disease, smoking, and even chronic stress can affect the stability of your teeth.

Remember that your oral surgeon is a fantastic resource for information about caring for your dental implants. For more information, call 214-234-9143 to schedule your appointment today.