mini dental implants DallasMini dental implants are essentially smaller versions of traditional dental implants, so these two categories of devices work in a very similar fashion. That is, the surrounding bone forms a bond with the implant’s surface over several months after the oral surgeon inserts the dental implant into the jaw during a surgical procedure.

This technology has a number of benefits for denture wearers. Dental implants are more stable than conventional dentures because the bond between the bone and the implant helps to preserve the structural integrity of the jaw. When the jaw’s shape is more consistent over time, so is the fit of the appliance so it is less likely to need to be replaced after a few years.

Mini dental implants differ from the traditional version of this device because they can be more accessible to patients who have already experienced some bone loss, which is often true of long-term denture wearers. This scenario might necessitate a bone graft in patients who want to get standard dental implants, but that additional procedure may not be needed with mini-dental implants.

Another advantage of a denture supported by mini dental implants is that the appliance tends to be more effective at chewing. Because the dental implants can approximate the function of a biological tooth’s root, an implant-supported denture can withstand stronger chewing forces. Denture wearers who upgrade to mini dental implants are pleasantly surprised to learn that very few, if any, foods are off-limits to them.

An oral surgeon can secure a denture with as few as four mini dental implants, which often can be placed in a single appointment. Additionally, patients who choose mini dental implants can be fitted with a prosthetic appliance relatively quickly after the placement procedure, typically on the day of that appointment.

If you are a denture wearer who wants more functionality and stability from your appliance, call our office and schedule a consultation to learn about mini dental implants and how you can take advantage of this treatment option.