dental implant consultation DallasDental implants are a unique tooth replacement method that addresses the loss of total tooth structure. Made from titanium, dental implants replace the roots of teeth. They are loaded into the jaw through a surgical procedure and will eventually be used to anchor prosthetics such as dental crowns, bridges, and even dentures.

The reason dental implants are considered revolutionary is because they address tooth loss differently than any other prosthetic. These biocompatible replacements for the roots of teeth support the entire oral health system. If this tooth replacement method interests you, we recommend scheduling a dental implant consultation with one of our skilled oral surgeons.

Restored Oral Function

One way that dental implants reign supreme to other tooth replacement methods is the fact that patients can enjoy an optimal restoration of oral function that nearly rivals that of biological teeth. Since dental implants are held in place by the bone in the jaw, they are secure. They will not move during oral function once they are stabilized. After a dental crown or bridge is secured to a dental implant, people can enjoy their favorite foods with confidence and ease – including foods that are tough to chew.

Improved Appearance

The materials used to make the restorations and prosthetics attached to dental implants can be very lifelike. For instance, porcelain looks so much like natural tooth structure that it is undetectable to others. If patients choose tooth-colored materials, their smiles will look healthy and beautiful.

Prevent Bone Atrophy

When patients lose teeth, they also lose bone over time. This is because tooth loss leaves the jaw inactive and unstimulated. Since bone lacks stimulation, the body will resorb it. Dental implants prevent this by keeping bone active just like the roots of natural teeth do.

Easy to Maintain

Another way that dental implants revolutionize the way we treat tooth loss is due to the fact that they are low maintenance. What this means is that dental implant restorations are flossed and brushed like natural teeth. Overnight soaking and special cleansing solutions are not needed.

If you have lost teeth, call us today to reserve a dental implant consultation.