As you calculate the cost of dental implants, it is smart to do some pre-planning and research in order to ensure that you receive the maximum value for your money. Your planning should include a frank discussion with your oral surgeon about the details of the procedure and the possibility of additional future expenses.

From start to finish, your surgeon wants your implant procedure to be a success, and every reasonable effort will be made to keep you educated, informed, and engaged along the way. Still, most patients find that they are more satisfied with the final outcome when they are presented with a clear understanding of the entire process from the beginning.

The quality of your implant consultation can be increased when ask the following questions:

Am I an ideal implant candidate? Ask about any factors that could complicate or compromise the implant surgery, such as health problems, smoking, oral hygiene, or TMJ problems.

Will any additional procedures be required? Bone grafting, sinus lifts, gum tissue grafts, and even orthodontic treatments are sometimes necessary for the success of your implant surgery, but they may also involve additional office visits, consultations, and fees.

What can I do to prolong the life of my implant? Implants are easy to care for and typically only require the same oral hygiene maintenance as your natural teeth. Your oral surgeon can provide you with a few additional personalized tips that could extend the life of your new tooth. Getting excited about taking your oral health to the next level is a step that is critical to the long term success of your dental implant.

It’s easy to justify the cost of dental implants when you are able to visualize the long-term benefits as a greater return on your investment. Your consultation is designed to have your oral surgeon help you determine if the procedure is right for you.

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