The healing process after any surgery is an important component of the treatment, but this is especially so in the case of dental implants. In those initial days after the procedure, the implant will begin the osseointegration process that is central to its stability and durability.

Oral surgeons can advise their patients of steps to take to promote a successful recovery following dental implant placement.

A post-operative infection can thwart the healing process, so patients will want to do everything possible to prevent that outcome. Oral surgeons often prescribe a course of prophylactic antibiotics to patients slated to receive dental implants. Additionally, if you show any signs of infection before the scheduled surgery, you should postpone the surgery until that infection has cleared.

Good oral hygiene is important for patients recovering from dental implant placement, too. In the first few days after the procedure, you may have to make adjustments in your technique, such as using a softer brush in the vicinity of the implant site. Discuss your plan for oral hygiene with your oral surgeon before the procedure.

Smoking can also be an issue that interferes with proper healing after dental implant placement. Smoking causes inflammation which can affect the interface between the bone and the implant, compromising osseointegration. If you are a smoker who wants to get dental implants, you should plan to abstain while you are healing. Ideally, this will prompt a smoker to give up the habit entirely.

Patients may need to adjust their diets after getting dental implants as well. Particularly hard foods that could dislodge the implant may be avoided.

Dental implants are a remarkably lifelike method of tooth replacement, but they require an effective healing process to do their job. Although implant failure is very unlikely, patients should be conscientious about their post-operative care to limit their chances of this outcome.

While in the planning process for your dental implants, be sure to discuss an aftercare plan with your oral surgeon so that you will know what steps to take for an easy, healthy recovery period after dental implant surgery.