dental implants DallasAre you researching your options for replacement teeth? Has tooth loss affected your daily life? We understand the traumatic and distressing nature of losing teeth in adulthood and because it’s important to replace teeth for oral health reasons, our oral surgeons offer dental implants.

Dental implants are a great option for replacing lost teeth because they are durable and they support all the oral health system’s structures. In addition to being durable, implants themselves are not vulnerable to cavities, however, neighboring teeth and gum tissue are still capable of developing common oral health conditions including periodontal disease and dental caries.

How do dental implants function?

A dental implant functions by replacing a lost tooth’s roots and crown. The anchor of this replacement tooth method is a titanium post that will ultimately function as a tooth’s root. Embedded into the jaw through a surgical procedure, bone will ultimately fuse around the titanium post. Once this process is complete, a prosthetic crown is attached to the end of an implant. The crown will serve as the replacement for lost structure above the gums. Crowns are tooth-shaped and provide a stable biting surface for chewing food. Moreover, the crown will prevent neighboring teeth from collapsing into empty tooth sockets.

What are the benefits of implants?

The structure of dental implants means that patients do not have to remove their prosthetic teeth for cleaning, as one would do with dentures. Since implants are firmly supported by the bone, these replacement teeth allow people to enjoy a balanced diet that even includes tough and chewy food. Additionally, implants feel very lifelike and depending on the material chosen for the prosthetic crown, can closely resemble biological teeth.

Is everyone eligible for this procedure?

While implants are very durable and comfortable, patients who smoke, have gum disease, or lack adequate bone mass may have a lower success rate with this tooth replacement method. However, there are procedures that can help increase the success rate of implants including bone grafts.

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