dentures DallasLong-term denture wearers often find that their appliances don’t fit as well because the jawbone has atrophied. That is, after tooth loss, the jawbone slowly erodes and its shape changes. Therefore, the denture isn’t as snug as it was at first and it’s often less comfortable as well. Patients who need a new appliance for this reason may want to consider All-on-4 dental implants for more durability and stability.

This treatment uses just four dental implants to anchor the prosthetic arch to the jaw. The jawbone fuses with the dental implants over the course of several months after the oral surgeon places them. This strong bond helps to keep the appliance in place.

Additionally, patients who choose All-on-4 usually find that their appliances continue to fit as the years pass, unlike the case with traditional dentures. This is because the dental implants act to prevent jawbone atrophy by serving a structural function similar to that of a biological tooth’s root.

Because only four implants are needed to support the denture, they can be placed at the front of the jaw. The bone in this vicinity erodes more slowly, so there should still be enough bone material available to support the osseointegration process in which the jaw fuses with the implants. Therefore, even patients who have experienced extensive bone loss at the rear of the jaw (as is the case with many patients who have worn dentures for years) often can be appropriate candidates for All-on-4.

In addition to greater denture stability, All-on-4 patients also tend to enjoy more natural chewing function. The connection to the jaw allows the dental implants to withstand stronger chewing forces, which means that an implant-supported denture can be more capable of chewing crunchy foods than a conventional one.

Patients who need a new denture due to jawbone atrophy can get another conventional denture to replace it, but that one is likely to lose its fit as well. Schedule a consultation with our team at EverSmile to explore All-on-4 dental implants as an alternative.