dentures DallasLoose dentures can be tremendously frustrating for patients. They’re uncomfortable and can cause anxiety or bring down your self-esteem. Yet many patients who opt for conventional dentures find that their appliances do lose their fit over time. Fortunately, patients can improve their denture stability with an innovative approach known as All-on-4, in which an oral surgeon places four dental implants in a patient’s jaw to support an entire denture.

Why are my dentures loose?

After the teeth are lost or extracted, the patient’s jawbone slowly atrophies because the roots of those teeth are no longer available to anchor the bone tissue. As the bone wears away, the jaw’s contour changes. Eventually, it evolves to the extent that the original denture design is significantly different from the jaw’s current shape. It may be possible to reline the dentures to improve their fit, but at some point, the patient may need to get fitted for new dentures.

How does All-on-4 improve denture stability?

All-on-4 uses dental implants to secure the patient’s prosthetic arch, and those dental implants function similarly to the roots of biological teeth. The roots of our teeth play an important role in the smile’s stability. Not only are the dental implants more effective at securing the denture than denture adhesives are, but the implants also preserve the integrity of the bone tissue over time. Therefore, All-on-4 dental implants are more stable and durable than conventional dentures.

Am I a candidate for All-on-4?

The oral surgeon places the four dental implants toward the front of the patient’s jaw, where the bone is thickest, so many patients can still get All-on-4 even if they have lost bone at the rear of the jaw, which can occur in long-term denture wearers. Of course, there may be other issues that could interfere with the successful osseointegration of the dental implants, so patients who are considering this treatment option should be evaluated by a provider to make sure that they are good candidates for implant placement.

If you are fed up with your loose dentures, All-on-4 can give you the stability that you want. Schedule a visit with our team at EverSmile to be evaluated and learn more about this treatment.