denture repair DallasDenture repair is an unfortunate reality when it comes to wearing prosthetic teeth. This is because the mouth changes shape with tooth loss due to the atrophy of the jawbone. As the mouth changes shape, dentures will begin to fit improperly and because they fit poorly, the structural curve of dentures will become strained and can ultimately break or become misshapen. In addition to denture repair, prosthetic teeth may need to be relined, too. Over time, denture repair and alterations can become a nuisance and financial burden. Fortunately, our oral surgeons offer an alternative to traditional dentures with All-on-4 implant supported prosthetics.

How All-on-4 Dentures Work

Traditional dentures lie on top of the gum tissue and rely on the shape and arch of the jaw line for support. Instead of resting on the gums, the All-on-4 method works by anchoring a set of prosthetic teeth to a series of small dental implants, which are small posts constructed from titanium. A unique metal, titanium is biocompatible with hard tissues. After an implant is placed in the jaw, the bone will ultimately fuse around the titanium post so that it is stable and secure.

Since implants are stabilized in the bone, they provide sturdy and durable support to prosthetic teeth. With the All-on-4 method, an entire set of prosthetic teeth can be securely fixed to abutments on the four strategically placed implants.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

In addition to enjoying a stable base for prosthetic teeth, there are numerous advantages to wearing implant-supported dentures. The implants themselves help prevent bone resorbtion in the jaw, the process that changes the shape of the mouth in edentulous patients. With the jawbone supported by implants, patients are more likely to retain their face shape. By preventing bone atrophy and having stable dentures, patients typically enjoy a more youthful appearance and increase in oral function when compared to traditional dentures.

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