When a denture is cracked or otherwise damaged, you must pursue denture repair to correct the problem. A cracked denture can no longer function properly.

Patients should also keep in mind that the need for denture repair presents an opportunity to upgrade your conventional appliance with dental implants.

When an oral surgeon places dental implants to support a denture, the patient benefits from greater stability and durability for the smile. [pullquote]Dental implants replace missing tooth roots and perform a similar structural function to that root, which secures the jaw.[/pullquote]

Dental implants replace missing tooth roots and perform a similar structural function to that root, which secures the jaw. When the root is not replaced, as is the case with conventional dentures, the jawbone wears away over time.

That process, known as jawbone resorption, can later affect a patient’s ability to get dental implants to secure a denture. If the patient suffers too much bone loss, the implants will not have enough bone material available for osseointegration.

Patients in such a scenario can benefit from an All-on-4 treatment. With All-on-4, four dental implants are placed toward the front of the jaw, and they support an entire prosthetic arch. The four implants are strategically located at sites where jawbone absorption doesn’t progress as quickly.

Consequently, nearly all patients—even long-term denture wearers—can qualify for the All-on-4 procedure.

Patients who choose All-on-4 gain a number of benefits over merely having their traditional dentures repaired. The bone remains more stable thanks to the implants, and the denture’s fit is preserved over time. Compare this to a standard denture which loses its fit over time as the jawbone’s contour changes.

Additionally, dentures supported by implants are more effective at chewing because of the physical connection with the jaw. The implants can withstand stronger chewing forces, and patients can continue to enjoy more of their favorite foods with All-on-4 dental implants.

When weighing your options for repairing a cracked denture, consider All-on-4 dental implants as a treatment option. Getting dental implants to support a new denture can benefit you for many years.