denture repair DallasA broken or poorly fitting denture can be a major inconvenience. Difficulty chewing, speaking, and smiling can affect you both day and night as you try to make arrangements for a repair. Depending upon the extent of the repair, you may have to live without your teeth for one or more days.

When faced with a damaged denture, you may be tempted to perform your own repairs or compromise your comfort and simply live with the problem. To avoid further damage to your denture, consider seeking the help of an experienced dental professional.

Typical denture repair includes cracked or broken appliances and broken denture teeth. However, the most common repair may be denture relining.

As the underlying jaw bone is naturally reshaped, a well-fitting denture can become loose and unstable. Relining allows the denture to be molded to the new contours of the gums and bone. Unfortunately, this only serves as a temporary solution since continual bone loss is a major consequence of tooth loss. As the bone continues to change, the reline procedure must be repeated, though the results may be less effective over time.

To eliminate the inconvenience of having your denture relined, your oral surgeon might suggest stabilizing the denture with dental implants. Implants are known to prevent bone loss, helping to retain your bone structure and provide increased support for biting, chewing, and speaking.

Using an advanced technique known as All-on-4, a series of dental implants can be used to create an impressive foundation for your teeth. With only four implants placed in the upper or lower jaw, your denture will no longer rest directly on your gum tissue. Sore spots, slipping, and sliding are instantly resolved due to the improved stability.

If your denture is in need of repair, you may be faced with two options: a temporary fix such as a reline, or a long-term solution such as dental implants. Learn more about your options by scheduling a consultation with our experienced oral surgeons serving Dallas Texas today.  Call 214-234-9143 to learn more.