Dental Implants DFWToday’s options for tooth replacement are a far cry from George Washington’s purported wooden dentures. There are options for all circumstances and each option can be customized to meet your individual needs. Still, with the dizzying variations of crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures, the vast majority of patients continue to struggle with one question:

Which option is the very best for me?

Dental implants have continued to gain recognition as the ultimate solution for tooth replacement. Where a single tooth is missing, your implant dentist can use a dental implant to restore the function and appearance of your smile. No other tooth replacement option can match the durability and seamlessness of the dental implant.

The reasons for the success of the implant are easy to understand:

  • No other tooth replacement solution looks more like a natural tooth than a dental implant. Designed with an artificial tooth root and a cap or crown made to resemble the neighboring teeth, an implant mimics the natural tooth to near perfection.
  • Bone loss and bone resorption are eliminated. A dental implant is permanently fused to the jaw bone. Since the dental implant’s artificial root stimulates the underlying bone, the area surrounding the tooth remains vital and healthy.
  • Dental implants pose no risk to the adjacent teeth. The implant is designed to stand alone. It will not rest or connect to a neighboring tooth like a dental bridge or a removable partial denture. Brushing and flossing can be conducted around an implant just as though it were a natural tooth. The potential for plaque accumulation or food impaction between the implant and the neighboring tooth will not be a factor.
  • Dental implants are by far the most comfortable tooth replacement option. Considering the small size of a natural tooth, it seems logical that it’s replacement should be similar in size. Dental implants are free from bulky attachments, clasps, clips, or resins. This design characteristic enables patients to begin eating and drinking comfortably with their new tooth almost immediately.

Learn more about the reasons that dental implants are the premier choice for replacing a single tooth by calling our office serving the DFW area and scheduling a consultation today.