dental implants DallasReceding gums don’t merely detract from the smile. They can also delay a patient’s ability to have desired dental work, such as dental implant placement, completed. This condition is often an indicator of gum disease, and receded gum tissue leaves important structures underneath exposed, which also complicates dental implant placement.

When the gum tissue at the implant site has pulled away from the crown of the tooth, the oral surgeon may need to delay implant placement until the implant will get enough support from the underlying tissues. Some structural repairs may be needed.

A patient who has receding gums should still be able to get dental implants eventually, but the gum disease must be addressed first to maximize chances of implant success. The patient may need to undergo an initial gum graft to restore the missing soft tissue at the placement site.

A gum graft is a straightforward outpatient procedure that is completed in a few hours. Most patients experience minimal discomfort and recover within several days.

Not only does a gum graft provide an extra layer of protection for dental implants, it also restores the correct proportionality to the smile’s important frame.

Additionally, when the gum tissue shrinks, the underlying bone is exposed and it can degrade as a result. Bone loss also presents an issue for patients who want to get dental implants, as there may be insufficient bone to form a strong bond with the implant.

If a patient does not have adequate bone tissue, the oral surgeon can perform a bone graft to provide a solid foundation for osseointegration. Although this procedure does extend the treatment timeline, it also significantly increases the patient’s chances of dental implant success.

You can benefit from dental implants for decades, but it’s important to make sure that any outstanding oral health issues are addressed before you have them placed. If you have receding gums, ask your oral surgeon if you will need any preliminary interventions before getting your dental implants.