dental implants DFWDo you feel that wearing your dentures makes you appear older? Perhaps your prosthetics have become ill fitting over time and your denture’s limitations are obvious when you speak, smile, or eat. In either case, our oral surgeons can help breathe new life into your appearance and increase your oral function with dentures supported by dental implants. Our practice offers All-on-4, a specific method of securing arches of prosthetic teeth to strategically placed dental implants.

How can dental implants help me with my appearance?

Since dental implants are relatively new to the general public, many people associate these prosthetics with single tooth replacement. Even though dental implants make for excellent single-tooth replacement, they can also be used to anchor prosthetics like full and partial dentures.

When dental implants are used to hold dentures, they hold dentures in their rightful place so that a person’s face appears full and youthful. They will also eliminate denture movement, which is beneficial for macintaining the appearance of natural oral function.

Another way that dental implants uniquely assist with maintaining a youthful appearance is by preserving bone mass. Bone deterioration is a common side effect of tooth loss because the roots of teeth are no longer able to keep the jawbone stimulated. Preserving bone in the jaw will prevent a “sunken in” appearance.

How does All-on-4 increase oral function?

All-on-4 greatly enhances oral function because dentures are secured to precisely spaced dental implants. By spacing implants in this manner, dental implants can support the weight thrust upon a full denture when chewing and biting food. By acting as a supportive and stabilizing force, patients enjoy more control of their prosthetic teeth.

Is All-on-4 right for me?

If you wear dentures or have been advised that you should wear dentures, All-on-4 could be of benefit to you. The only way to be certain, however, is to schedule an implant dentistry consultation with our oral surgeon. At your appointment, we will perform an oral examination to determine your treatment options.

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