same day dentures DFWIt’s bad enough when you have lost all of your teeth, but waiting weeks to be fitted with your new denture to restore your smile makes it even worse. Fortunately, patients don’t have to wait any more than a few hours to get a new smile with same day dentures, also referred to as All-on-4.

Additionally, this system offers patients a number of advantages beyond the treatment timeline in contrast to conventional dentures. All-on-4 has multiple benefits to offer!

How can I fully restore my smile in a single day?

With All-on-4, an oral surgeon places four dental implants to secure an entire upper or lower arch. Because so few dental implants are used, they can all be placed at the same time. At the end of the appointment, the patient can be fitted with a prosthetic denture to restore the smile.

This process involves osseointegration, during which the bone tissue fuses with the dental implants. That takes place over several months, and after osseointegration is complete, the patient may be fitted with a stronger, permanent appliance.

It’s also worth noting that the oral surgeon inserts the four dental implants toward the front of the jaw, which makes All-on-4 available to a larger pool of patients. The bone at the front of the jaw is thicker and erodes more gradually after tooth loss. So, patients who have already lost bone at the back of the jaw can still get same day dentures with this approach.

The Benefits Of Implant-Supported Dentures

Not only can All-on-4 restore your smile in a matter of hours, dentures that are secured by dental implants offer patients numerous advantages. They are more functional and comfortable because of the physical connection to the bone.

Furthermore, the dental implants also prevent the jawbone atrophy that is typically a consequence of tooth loss. This means that your implant-supported denture will retain its fit over time, while a conventional denture ultimately becomes loose as the jaw’s shape changes.

Do you want to restore your smile as quickly as possible? Explore same day dentures as a possible solution. Contact our team at EverSmile and schedule an evaluation to learn if this treatment might be a good fit for you.