Very similar to traditional dental implants, mini dental implants have given thousands of patients the opportunity to regain their confidence, improve their chewing capacity, and brighten their smiles. Patients who have chosen mini dental implants in Dallas are finding that life with dentures can be comfortable and free of stress. A firmly seated denture can relieve the anxiety often associated with eating and speaking in public. A denture retained by mini dental implants will also be more effective while reducing the irritation to the sensitive gum tissues.

Miniature dental implants are used to stabilize and anchor dentures, replace single missing teeth, as well as replace multiple missing teeth. Consisting of miniature titanium posts that replace the roots of missing teeth, the mini dental implant technology provides a permanent attachment that can be designed to connect to your existing or new denture. Using a unique ball and socket design, together with a small O-ring, the mini dental implant and the denture are firmly locked in place. The relationship between the implants and the denture are strong enough to withstand the natural forces of chewing and biting.

Using a minimally invasive surgical technique, your implant dentist can place the implants in the comfort of the dental office. Local anesthesia or light sedation can be provided for your comfort while the implants are placed into the jaw bone. This procedure can generally be performed in a single step, requiring only one dental visit, and no sutures. Most patients can expect a speedy recovery period, and find that they can bite and chew with confidence soon after the procedure is completed.

Patients who have been discouraged by the idea of tooth loss or disappointed by the fit or feel of traditional dentures can finally get excited about a better alternative for tooth replacement. There are multiple implant and restorative solutions available, according to each patient’s overall health and natural anatomy.

To learn more about the ways that mini dental implants can rebuild your smile, contact the office of Dr. John D. Wallace and schedule your consultation today.