same day dentures DallasIn the past, patients enduring tooth loss had to wait weeks for their replacement teeth. This is because prosthetics were fabricated in offsite dental laboratories. Today, however, modern healthcare practices and technology allow for patients to receive same day dentures. Also called “All-on-4″, same day dentures are custom replacement teeth that are stabilized by dental implants.

Same day dentures are placed the day a patient receives tooth extractions and dental implants. The entire process, though, takes more than one appointment.

Before teeth are removed and implants are placed, patients will have consultations with their oral surgeon and have impressions taken of their mouth. They will also make selections on the type of dentures they receive and their color.

Why should I stabilize my dentures with dental implants?

Tooth replacement methods such as All-on-4 promote lifelike oral function. Conventional dentures rest on top of the gums, where the curved shaped of the jaw helps hold them in place. Over time, the jaw will atrophy and dentures will begin to fit improperly. As this process unfolds, patients will experience their prosthetics moving during meals and when speaking.

Anchoring prosthetic teeth to dental implants eliminates denture movement and prevents the jaw from atrophying. This is because dental implants are embedded into the jawbone and hold dentures in place with abutments. Implants function like the roots of teeth and provide greater stability to dentures than unsupported prosthetics.

On top of enjoying increased stability, All-on-4 replacement teeth look and feel very natural. This helps patients maintain healthy levels of self-esteem and confidence.

Scheduling a Same Day Dentures Consultation

Tooth loss has far-reaching effects on our physical and emotional wellbeing. If you have suffered with failing teeth and tooth loss, we encourage you to schedule a same day dentures consultation at our practice. Our team is here to help you find the tooth replacement method that meets your needs.

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