mini dental implants DallasMini dental implants are used to replace lost teeth. While they can be used for single-tooth replacement, most oral health professionals utilize mini dental implants for multiple tooth replacement with dentures. Mini dental implants are especially popular for securing full dentures in the lower mandible.

As their name suggests, mini dental implants are smaller than conventional ones. Their diameter is significantly narrower than standard implants. The smaller size of mini dental implants can be advantageous to patients who desire less invasive treatment options or for those who have lost significant bone in their jaws.

Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants provide some of the same benefits as standard dental implants. Both types of prosthetics are used to replace the root structures of teeth. They both help stabilize restorations and prosthetics like bridges and dentures. Implants of any size also help prevent degradation of bone tissue by keeping the jaws stimulated.

Other benefits of mini dental implants include:

  • Reduced invasiveness and discomfort. Embedding smaller dental implants does not produce as much trauma to bone and soft tissue. This makes recovery from implant dentistry procedures shorter and less uncomfortable. With mini dental implants, most patients only need over the counter pain medicine for a day or two after their implantation procedure.
  • Mini dental implants are considered convenient since they are placed in a single appointment and require little alterations to one’s daily life and diet during the recovery process. Standard dental implants tend to have longer recovery times that also include dietary restrictions.
  • The reduced invasiveness of placing mini dental implants is beneficial to elderly patients who cannot endure lengthy or complex oral surgeries.

When it comes to anchoring dentures, utilizing mini dental implants greatly increases oral function. Dentures secured to implants will not move during meals or when speaking. Patients with implant-supported dentures enjoy well rounded diets and clear speech.

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