denture repair DallasPatients who have lost all of their teeth have to make an important decision about how to restore their smiles. There are a number of different options, including conventional dentures and dental implants. Patients should consider the long-term implications of each treatment in addition to the short-term factors. Here are a few points that could affect your ultimate decision.

  • Jawbone stability: After the roots of the teeth are lost, the jawbone slowly erodes over time. Only dental implants help to secure the jawbone and prevent this erosion. Unfortunately, conventional dentures lack such root-like structures, allowing the jaw to gradually wear away.
  • Durability: As the jawbone’s shape changes with bone loss, a conventional denture will lose its fit. This results in the need for denture repair, either relining or sometimes replacing the appliance. In contrast, an implant-supported denture will fit just as well as the years pass because the dental implants anchor the jaw.
  • Functionality: The connection between the bone and the dental implants gives an implant-supported denture more complete functional capacity. These dentures are able to chew much like biological teeth can, and they contribute to speech in the same way as well.
  • Comfort: Because dental implants are essentially pseudoroots, they feel more like biological teeth and are more comfortable for patients, who also gain reassurance that the appliance will stay in place.

Patients who want to explore dental implants as a tooth loss solution should schedule a consultation with one of our skilled oral surgeons. Our specialists can examine your jaw structure to determine whether dental implants are feasible to support a denture in your case. Many patients are able to pursue implant-supported dentures with a technique known as All-on-4. Using this approach, your oral surgeon can place just four dental implants to support an entire denture.

Would you like more information about dental implants and dentures? Call our team at EverSmile or set up a time to meet with us. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.