Do the very best that you can with the tools that you have. This motto has applied to dentistry since the days of George Washington’s wooden dentures. According to historical evidence, President Washington also owned sets of dentures made from gold, ivory, and lead. [pullquote]In terms of tooth replacement, dental implants are the front-runner.[/pullquote]

Though those restorative solutions may seem comical to us today, there was a time when those options were the height of technology. These early generations understood the importance of tooth replacement. Dentists of that era utilized their clinical expertise to provide the highest level of care available at that time.

Today, implant dentistry is an example of that same philosophy. We’re using the very best available resources and scientific research to provide you with the highest level of dentistry possible. In terms of tooth replacement, dental implants are the front-runner.

The available sizes and dimensions of dental implants can vary according to each patient’s anatomy. Traditional dental implants are used to replace the molar teeth and mini dental implants can be used to replace smaller teeth such as incisors. Mini dental implants are also commonly used to anchor and stabilize dentures.

With a design very similar to a natural tooth, a dental implant has an artificial root that is fused to the jaw bone. The portion of the implant that can be seen above the gumline can be customized to represent the anatomy of a real tooth. These characteristics enable the dental implant to stimulate the bone in the immediate area as well as preserve the structure of the neighboring teeth. The implant does not require support from the adjacent teeth.

Multiple decades of scientific research have helped to justify the dental implant as the most ideal tooth replacement option. The implant procedure continues to become more streamlined and efficient. Implants are being utilized in new and innovative ways to broaden the scope of available care.

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