partial dentures DFWThere is no single denture that is right for everyone. The design and function of your denture is heavily dependent upon your individual anatomy and the extent of your tooth loss. For patients who are missing all of the natural teeth (upper, lower, or both) a full or complete denture is recommended. For patients who are missing some or most of the natural teeth, partial dentures are recommended.

Fortunately, no matter the type of denture that you desire, there are options that can make your new teeth as comfortable and as attractive as real teeth. A common challenge for denture wearers is the ability to stabilize the bite. To overcome this obstacle, you oral surgeon may suggest the placement of one or more dental implants.

Whereas a traditional partial denture must clasp or hook onto your natural teeth for stability, a partial denture can be anchored by dental implants to gain strength from the underlying jawbone. This implant foundation reduces the stress and strain on your natural teeth and can also improve the appearance of your smile by eliminating the need for clasps or hooks. It also transfers your chewing forces to the bone, a relationship that provides positive stimulation to your jaw. In fact, it is this form of chewing stimulation that helps to prevent the loss of bone density within the jaw.

A dental implant is composed of a strong titanium cylinder that is inserted into the upper or lower jawbone. With healing, the implant becomes permanently fused to the bone and is typically well-accepted by the human body. The result is an anchor that is sturdy enough to stabilize your replacement teeth for a lifetime. You’ll have the ability to speak and chew with the confidence of a securely fitted denture.

The exact denture or partial denture that is right for you can be determined by your dentist and oral surgeon. To find out more, contact our skilled and professional team at EverSmile, serving the DFW area, at 214-234-9143 for your personalized consultation.