affordable dentures DallasAffordable dentures are a good option for edentulous patients to restore their smiles, but patients often find that conventional dentures tend to lose their fit over time.

That phenomenon occurs due to jawbone resorption, which slowly occurs after tooth loss. As the jawbone wears away, its contour changes. As a result, the original affordable dentures do not fit as well. They will need to be re-lined periodically, and eventually they may need to be replaced.

Dental implants represent a possible solution to this issue. Dental implants stabilize the jaw because they serve as artificial tooth roots, and those structures not only support the crowns of the teeth but also anchor the jawbone.

In comparison, conventional dentures have no similar structure under the gum line, and jawbone resorption proceeds.

Long-term denture wearers may be able to upgrade to dental implants even if they’ve already lost some bone. All-on-4 dentures offer an alternative to many patients who have experienced bone loss following tooth loss.

When there is insufficient bone, the dental implants can fail. That is why bone loss can present an obstacle to patients who want to pursue dental implants. With All-on-4, however, the oral surgeon places four dental implants toward the front of the jaw. The bone is thicker there, and most patients will have enough bone material to support osseointegration of the dental implants.

All-on-4 implants offer greater security to patients, too. The chance of an embarrassing slip of the denture is minimized, and implant-supported dentures come closer to replacing the functionality of natural teeth in the chewing mechanism, too.

With All-on-4, the oral surgeon places the dental implants in a surgery that is typically completed in a few hours. Many patients are fitted with the prosthetic appliance the same day as the implant placement procedure. Ask your dentist if this will be possible in your case.

If you’ve noticed that your dentures don’t fit as well as they used to, contact our skilled team to see if you might be a candidate for implant-supported dentures, such as All-on-4. Your smile can be more stable for years with dental implants. Call EverSmile at 214-234-9143 to schedule your professional consultation today.