dentures DallasDo you wear dentures? Have you noticed that your dentures do not fit as well as they once did? Although uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures are not uncommon. In fact, patients who wear traditional dentures will need to have their dentures relined every few years. This is because once teeth are lost, the mouth will slowly change shape over time, causing dentures to fit improperly. Fortunately, our oral surgeon offers a solution to prevent dentures from needing to be relined by utilizing the All-on-4 method of implant-supported dentures.

Why do my dentures not fit properly anymore?

When teeth are lost, the body tends to resorb bone mass in the jaw. This is because the roots of teeth are no longer present. Over time, this will cause the arch of the jaw line to change. This causes dentures to no longer fit over the gums as well as they did before. When bone atrophy occurs, many patients experience denture movement—especially during meals or when speaking. In the past, the best way to remedy dentures that didn’t fit properly was to reline them or make a new set to accommodate the changes in the shape of the mouth. Fortunately, patients have options to prevent the need for relining dentures or receiving new sets.

How does All-on-4 improve oral health?

All-on-4 dentures are supported by strategically placed implants. This means that dentures are anchored to small posts made of titanium. These posts, embedded into the jawbone, function like the roots of teeth. Since they support the health of the bone, it prevents the body from resorbing bone mass. By preventing bone atrophy, patients can retain the shape of their jaw and prevent the need for future alterations to dentures.

Implant supported dentures are cost-effective because the implants allow prosthetic teeth to fit comfortably longer than traditional dentures.

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